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Where is mankind going? [7]
(Section is about an illusion-maya, the Indian-Maya, the simulation, etc.)
The facts of the simulation in our reality [1]

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Part 2.Virtual money for the virtual work
Where is mankind going?
by Victor Bayda
(machine translation. Original article in Russian -

Part 2.Virtual money  for the virtual work

    We have so far spoken only of the so-called "environmental" invisible virtuality, but did not affect all that is most often understood today by virtuality: Internet (and everything associated with it), playing computer games.
- Where is your husband?
- He went into virtual reality. Come back on Monday morning.

Internet now, despite his youth, provides a human user almost unlimited opportunities for access to any information. Internet - is a library with a mass of reference and fiction, and a museum with all the pictures of the world, and a huge supermarket with a wide variety of goods. On the Internet, you can take a virtual journey to every corner of the world can communicate with like-minded people.
In reality, you're nowhere out of his apartment did not come out, your trip or shopping trip - virtual, but the merchandise purchased online store - is real, your impressions of the virtual travel - as real as the real and the aesthetic pleasure of the "visit" a virtual the museum or read e-books. Our real feelings are mixed with virtual, and is already becoming difficult to distinguish from one another. The world given to us in sensations more and more becoming virtual, related electronic technologies.

Money became a substitute once gold and silver, and are already losing their tangible paper form, they are increasingly becoming electronic, virtual. So far, these virtual money payment made for the very real work on real production or the office. But now some of the activities associated with IT-technologies, executed remotely on the web without leaving the house. This is the - the virtual office. Is near the hour when, from the comfort of home, people will be on the web control robots in manufacturing, located away thousands of miles away.

On the Internet since 2003 and is developing a parallel reality of Second Life, or "second life". Second Life - a 3D virtual world created by users. This is, in fact, our simulation of real life, only with great potential.
This "live", work and entertain more than 12 million people. Here advertise different products. Here are traded on the stock exchange, meet with business partners. Real life is increasingly moving into the virtual space of the Internet.

Already, live communication is increasingly replaced by communication via phone, SMS-ki, Skype, ICQ, chat rooms. In the chat you can communicate completely
anonymous, there you have only NEC-alias, where you will - is quite different, so what you want to appear. Such a person is, in reality there is - a virtual image, which even the pictures, there is only AVATAR. Avatar, which, as in the famous film, may eventually replace the real person.

- Hey! What are you doing?
- I'm at a party.
- Where?
- You Away

     Computer games also provide an opportunity for some time to become different, to be in other more colorful, or simply an unusual world, to feel cool KONTRSTRAYKEROM, fighting with terrorists (Counter-Strike - the cult game to her, even international tournaments), feel the adrenaline rush of the approaching danger, or to become a creator of a new civilization. How does it feel to be created by God for you people? When the game units - units that fulfill all your nonsensical even orders, which only depends on you, your civilization will thrive or wither, and will be absorbed by the newcomers.

     Once computers arrived, there were also these games. The graphics on the first computer was no, the opponents were primitive units portrayed purely conventional, almost, just squares. But still, it was new, it was interesting.
Over time, the possibility of computers grew, improved and computer games. They became more complex, more colorful, the graphics more and more closer to reality. More precisely, the computer worlds seemed unreal is absolutely real, and the units, heroes becoming more and more human personality, each with its own character, abilities, skills. A player with his avatar gained experience and knowledge, suffered defeats and rejoiced in the success.
The worlds of computer civilizations became more and more real credibility: units, similar to humans, founded in the specified areas of the city, paved roads, they bred and multiplied, fought with the enemy, made geographical and scientific discoveries. Who is the enemy territory otvoyuet, who was the first master the script, who is well-organized trade and production, develop the economy, and he will win in this game. Game, repeating the history of human civilization ...

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