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Where is mankind going? [7]
(Section is about an illusion-maya, the Indian-Maya, the simulation, etc.)
The facts of the simulation in our reality [1]

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Is there a moon, when we do not look at it?

In addition to the above there is another interpretation of reality, which looks even more fantastic than the many-worlds, while engaged in the development of which only philosophers, physicists, and which avoids, like the devil fears holy water. This - the hypothesis that both people and the world around him are the product of a working program of the Ecumenical Supercomputer (VSC) - Computer God. We will not taper until the one who wrote the program for the computer in which it is measured and how to run. Let's talk about how certain features of the device and the operation of the VSC are reflection of our reality and, in particular, in the quantum world. The assumption of the existence of such a VSC can not only explain the quantum effects themselves, but also the cause of their occurrence, ie answer the question: why it happens that way and not another?
How does the computer generates quantum effects. And why do they occur?
The facts of the simulation in our reality | Просмотров: 1499 | Добавил: bayda-site | Дата: 26.05.2012 | Комментарии (0)


So, the essence of the hypothesis of the simulation is described. Trends in society that lead to it are marked. Some arguments in support of the hypothesis are presented.

Is this enough that the people who read this article, will agree with the written and say, "Yes, it's just correct"?
All depends to the person, more accurately, to him outlook: as far as it is close to that offers some new theory. And also from the looseness of consciousness, a willingness to accept something new to consider.
  For a person often does not require anything new,  the foundation, which he was got at school is enough for him: basic of science, materialism, atheism, evolutionism. In short - a standard catering menu, which fed more than one decade. This food suits him and other he doesn't want.
In the case when an idea comes, unlike the things already accepted and assimilated by man, triggered a safety philosophy, there is an automatic rejection: a man, even and don't try to understand the essence of the idea. These people, unfortunately are the majority.
Where is mankind going? | Просмотров: 1123 | Добавил: bayda-site | Дата: 11.04.2012 | Комментарии (0)

Part 6. Tree of Life

Well, well ... let us, in fact, we live in a computer simulation.
What changed for us from realizing this? - Nothing. In addition to the new world view, absolutely NO-thing.
From the fact that our brains are made of silicon (or what it will work computers of the future?) Instead of carbon does not mean that our feelings - at least real. In the same way as before, we want to live in this beautiful (albeit virtual, but real this for us) world ... to live as long as possible ... to love, create, enjoy every moment and give thanks for life, giving us the Creator (or creators) .. And try to understand them a grand, beautiful idea called "human civilization" and their place in it. May be added to this understanding of good and happiness in our world will be less evil, intolerance and misunderstanding.
Otherwise, our program as a failed experiment, can be stopped, or restart the scenario cataclysm (the Great Flood, or an asteroid collision), as this is probably more than once in the history of the Earth. But let's hope common sense of mankind ...
Where is mankind going? | Просмотров: 1167 | Добавил: bayda-site | Дата: 10.04.2012 | Комментарии (0)

Part 5. Who wrote the Bible and why?

The assumption of the existence of a Universal supercomputer (VSC), which simulated our reality, and explains the many religious concepts. After all, the essence of which ran the simulation, in a sense, like gods in relation to people in the simulation, "they have created the world that we see, they have superior intelligence have, they are omnipotent in the sense that they can interfere with the work of our world in ways violating the laws of physics (miracles, magic), they are omniscient in the sense that they can monitor everything that happens in this world, and they are physically inaccessible to us, because they are on another level of reality. "

With this approach, many things become clear. Look at this angle allows AKA to understand, for example, is written in the Bible? You can have different attitudes to the Bible, but for the atheist and the believer, there are some equally strange things.
Let us try to translate the Bible into modern technical language, read it in terms of computer simulation.
Where is mankind going? | Просмотров: 2705 | Добавил: bayda-site | Дата: 10.04.2012 | Комментарии (0)

Part 4. Virtual worlds of the Nick Bostrom

The problem of computer simulation (simulation) and human society is not only playing, but also applied, the scientific value as to solve local problems of prediction, so for the purposes of modeling the future of mankind.

For several years in the regime of secrecy to the Chief Military Supercomputer Research Center USA in Los Alamos (better known by the atomic bomb project) worked through computer simulation, "America - Anti-terror." The purpose of the simulation - to predict the consequences of different scenarios of possible attacks, not engaging in "teaching" real people and technology. Implemented in a computer simulation model includes the "Virtual America," with the people and the entire infrastructure. The simulation is so detailed that it can be traced not only a reaction to the bombing of infrastructure, but also the response of each individual citizen to "external stimuli" (alarm, the dissemination of news, an imminent danger), to monitor the possible movement of people after the attack.
The next step - the creation of more large-scale simulations and the universal (natural disasters, wars, elections, political and economic crisis), which include not only a psychological component, but also a complete computer model of man.

But then there is the philosophical question of Plan (totally unexpected for many): if we are on the computer exactly simulate the human, with all its feelings and emotions, the ability to think independently, with the whole world around him, what this model will be different from a real person?
This question was first formulated in about 10 years ago, a philosopher at Oxford University, Director of the Institute for the Future of Humanity Nick Bostrom (Nick Bostrom), and in some even more radical formulation.
Bostrom has suggested: "What if mankind is itself part of such an ambitious computer game called" human civilization "is running on a supercomputer a higher level of civilization, which he called" posthuman civilization "?"
Where is mankind going? | Просмотров: 1467 | Добавил: bayda-site | Дата: 10.04.2012 | Комментарии (0)

     Part 3.Сomputer human model

      The developers-programmers create more new games, improving them, more and more. And always they were faced with the question: How do make the game more interesting, more reliable? Can the units be more independent, so that the player is not distracted by care for the detail of each unit? Is it possible to make the units, and grew up umneli yourself, make the right decisions and player would only be watching the game, correct them where necessary, would be for them a caring and wise mentor? That is such a game would be really interesting!
      How can this be achieved? After this each unit, in fact, it is necessary to make such players, not only externally but also in the perception of sensations, the ability to perceive external information, evaluate it, to make decisions. You need to create a scale assessing motivation and actions of each unit, to give them independence, because without independence can never be independent decisions. In fact, it is necessary to teach Unità to think like a man! That is, be simulated on a computer RIGHTS!
Where is mankind going? | Просмотров: 907 | Добавил: bayda-site | Дата: 10.04.2012 | Комментарии (0)

    Part 2.Virtual money  for the virtual work

    We have so far spoken only of the so-called "environmental" invisible virtuality, but did not affect all that is most often understood today by virtuality: Internet (and everything associated with it), playing computer games.
- Where is your husband?
- He went into virtual reality. Come back on Monday morning.

    Internet now, despite his youth, provides a human user almost unlimited opportunities for access to any information. Internet - is a library with a mass of reference and fiction, and a museum with all the pictures of the world, and a huge supermarket with a wide variety of goods. On the Internet, you can take a virtual journey to every corner of the world can communicate with like-minded people.
In reality, you're nowhere out of his apartment did not come out, your trip or shopping trip - virtual, but the merchandise purchased online store - is real, your impressions of the virtual travel - as real as the real and the aesthetic pleasure of the "visit" a virtual the museum or read e-books. Our real feelings are mixed with virtual, and is already becoming difficult to distinguish from one another. The world given to us in sensations more and more becoming virtual, related electronic technologies.
Where is mankind going? | Просмотров: 1103 | Добавил: bayda-site | Дата: 10.04.2012 | Комментарии (0)

Where is mankind going?
by Victor Bayda
(machine translation. Original article in Russian -

     What is the meaning of existence of an individual and mankind in general? Why did we come into this world and where are we going? Possible answers to these questions are the subject of this article.

Part 1. Hologram on a stage

     At the end of 2010 in the news on national television was the message: "In Tokyo, held a concert singer Hatsune Miku Japanese, past all the other concerts this singer with great success ...".
     The report is interesting in that Hatsune Miku - no ordinary singer, she - ... Hologram: cartoon, cartoon image, fully computer-synthesized, including appearance, voice and dance. And its three-dimensional image is created on stage by a special holographic setup.
Where is mankind going? | Просмотров: 1880 | Добавил: bayda-site | Дата: 10.04.2012 | Комментарии (0)

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