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Where is mankind going? [7]
(Section is about an illusion-maya, the Indian-Maya, the simulation, etc.)
The facts of the simulation in our reality [1]

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Where is mankind going?

by Victor Bayda
(machine translation. Original article in Russian -


So, the essence of the hypothesis of a simulation is described. Trends in society that lead to it are marked. Some arguments in support of the hypothesis are presented.

Is this enough that the people who read this article, will agree with the written and say, "Yes, it's just correct"?
All depends to the person, more accurately, to him outlook: as far as it is close to that offers some new theory. And also from the looseness of consciousness, a willingness to accept something new to consider.
  For a person often does not require anything new,  the foundation, which he was got at school is enough for him: basic of science, materialism, atheism, evolutionism. In short - a standard catering menu, which fed more than one decade. This food suits him and other he doesn't want.
In the case when an idea comes, unlike the things already accepted and assimilated by man, triggered a safety philosophy, there is an automatic rejection: a man, even and don't try to understand the essence of the idea. These people, unfortunately are the majority

Why did I do this? - May be written by me will useful to a man who, like me, are not satisfied with the standard menu.
I've long been convinced that materialism and the theory of evolution does not correspond to the realities of the world. The mass of phenomena and facts of the world remain without explanation or, simply, they are ignored. These theories were created to explain the known facts of science, ages 18-19, and its valuable role already played. But now they have outlived themselves ...
What is this place? How does this world? Does it have any meaning? Or the meaning of life - it is death?
Perhaps, for some simulation hypothesis will prompt reply to these questions. Perhaps, over time, this hypothesis would be well-developed theory.

The more I see - in this hypothesis is the return on a new scientific basis for long-known philosophical ideas, which have more than one thousand years: Taoism, Buddhism.
- In the 17th century, Rene Descartes pondered the question: "How do I know that God gave all so that there is no earth, no sky, no extended body, no magnitude, no place, and yet they seem to us the existing ? "
- Solipsism 19th century, offered a similar answer to the question of world order.
If you have more than one thousand years of philosophical thought revolves around the same may be it's right?

I think it's right. Maybe someone else will seem so ...

It's important.
Of course, in the same article provides a simplified picture, when the simulation is performed by some of the world "posthuman" on their computers. Such a simplification - it is a convention that allows you to describe in simple terms the essence of the idea of ​​the simulation, without going into details of particular world order. In addition, it allows a few "humanize" the logic of our founders, to somehow understand the motivations of different elements of the simulation.

In fact, things are simpler and more complicated. And instead of "postpeople" more correct to use the term "beforpeople" because those are not human beings that will come after us, and those intangible or fine-material Sublogoses that precede the appearance of our supposedly the material world.
Sublogoses create our world (our simulation) with using the same non-material structure, which has some semblance in organization and the principle of action with our computers. Therefore, this structure I conditionally call the Ecumenical Supercomputer (ESC).
Conditionality - that ESC is inseparable from the  Sublogoses, it is a part of them, as Sublogoses are part of the One. That is, ESC is also the "God Computer", and indivisible part of God. And all created by this "computer" (including people) is a creation of God, and his particle.

In the future, using the term "the hypothesis of a simulation", I'll mean this approach.

Of course, this view of the world order from the hypotheses Bostrom nothing remains except the process of computer simulation. However, this hypothesis seemed to me a convenient metaphor to explain my point of view.

Below - some of the facts of our world, and my explanation of how these facts relate to the hypothesis of a simulation.
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