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Where is mankind going? [7]
(Section is about an illusion-maya, the Indian-Maya, the simulation, etc.)
The facts of the simulation in our reality [1]

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Part 6. Tree of Life
Where is mankind going?
by Victor Bayda
(machine translation. Original article in Russian -

Part 6. Tree of Life

Well, well ... let us, in fact, we live in a computer simulation.
What changed for us from realizing this? - Nothing. In addition to the new world view, absolutely NO-thing.
From the fact that our brains are made of silicon (or what it will work computers of the future?) Instead of carbon does not mean that our feelings - at least real. In the same way as before, we want to live in this beautiful (albeit virtual, but real this for us) world ... to live as long as possible ... to love, create, enjoy every moment and give thanks for life, giving us the Creator (or creators) .. And try to understand them a grand, beautiful idea called "human civilization" and their place in it. May be added to this understanding of good and happiness in our world will be less evil, intolerance and misunderstanding.
Otherwise, our program as a failed experiment, can be stopped, or restart the scenario cataclysm (the Great Flood, or an asteroid collision), as this is probably more than once in the history of the Earth. But let's hope common sense of mankind ...

I still think that the purpose of our Creator - is not a target player in the Strategy of civilization, and the purpose of parents giving birth to a new person and hoping for a happy future for him. Parents are kind, loving and patient.
And over time, as adults, mankind will give life a new civilization, which is against our creators will be a "grand". As our founders coddled us selfish and individualistic, and we are ready to take care of our "children."
All of these nested virtual worlds that generate their own "daughter" universes are linked on the basis of race. Family tree of this kind is the very thing mentioned in the Bible TREE OF LIFE, which gives eternal life. No wonder the life of the first people started in the garden, where grew the Tree of Life.

As we see, the cornerstone of the principle of symmetry "that above, so below" is observed and there - our children are like us, we have created "the image and likeness" of their creators. This "principle in the box" is shown as a tribal organization of the universe, and in the tribal organization of human society. No wonder the kind of information about each person (of his grandfathers and great grandfathers) is stored in the DNA of every human being. Perhaps the same information about the ancestor of mankind is stored in the same analogue DNA of our civilization. And over time we will see.
Since all of these virtual, related to the principle of the family tree, in fact, run on a supercomputer underlying reality (the reality of God), we are all his children (or grandchildren, or great-grandchildren), and the disobedient nesmyshlennymi. But nothing, eventually poumneem, wisdom comes with age.
I hope that will come to mankind ...


In the meantime, we can state that the Hatsune Miku hologram with the symbolic name "The first sound of the future" is the first attempt at writing to the creation of virtual reality, woven into the fabric of our world. This - the first level of virtuality. The second level - this is a computer simulation of our sister civilization.
The fact that the transition to run a computer simulation - logical and inevitable, is confirmed by the whole course of human history, mankind has created a new virtuality in all ranges of perception.
Something that mankind has so long passed - now incredibly nigh: humanity is going to become the creator of the New Reality. Perhaps this is the global goal of humanity: the Son of God must rise to the level of God, the Creator became the new life as it once was, "And the Lord God formed man and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul .. . "

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