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Where is mankind going? [7]
(Section is about an illusion-maya, the Indian-Maya, the simulation, etc.)
The facts of the simulation in our reality [1]

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Is there a moon, when we do not look at it?
Is there a moon, when we do not look at it?
by Victor Bayda
(machine translation. Original article in Russian -

In quantum physics there are a lot of strange things, one of them - the so-called dualism of "wave-particle."
To make it clearer about what is at stake - a very brief clip of the so-called double-split experiment from the movie "The Secret - 3. What do we know? Down the Rabbit Hole" ("What the BLEEP? Do we Know Rabbit Hole")

Interests of the Council to see the movie "The Secret, 3 ..." completely. I assure you 2.5 hours to watch will not be spent in vain.

Oddly enough the results look of these quantum experiments (with some conditions, photons and electrons behave like waves, with some - like particles), even more strange looks in their supervisory role: it is the observer and plays a key role in helping to whether the micro-world manifest itself as a wave or a particle.
It turns out that it is the observation and creates the observed.

Order not to go crazy on these quantum paradoxes, and not to lose ground, kvantofiziki invented for itself several interpretations of the observed:

A. Copenhagen interpretation (CI), who was born almost simultaneously with the quantum mechanics - the most common among kvantofizikov. In it, in fact, coexist in two worlds - classical and quantum, each of which lives by its laws. If the particle is not being monitored, it exists in a state of superposition of waves, that is, in several states and points in space simultaneously. The act of measuring the "driving" (reduces) the wave function of a particle to a specific point or condition, and where the particle is detected, and this transition irreversible.

For the manifestation of the quantum world requires a classical instrument or observer, which provides a "collapse" (reduction, collapse) wave function. If the reduction of the wave function does not occur, the quantum state remains unobserved, and the wave function is only a formal description of our knowledge about the system, a means of calculating the probability of certain events. When asked how the reduction of the wave function is and what it consists of CI is not responding.

Two. Many-worlds interpretation - an interpretation of quantum mechanics, which assumes the existence of "parallel universes", each of which are the same laws of nature, and that show the same universal constants, but which are in different states. In carrying out any quantum experiment, the universe splits into many universes as there are possible outcomes of the experiment and the results of each of one hundred percent sold in one of them, and the observer, once again, one of them, one sees a particular result.
In the case of "double-split experience" is as follows: when approaching the crack bifurcates the universe, and the photon will depart from the gap in the universe which will be the observer (in fact, the photon will take off, and the second gap, but this will not be published, as an observer there unfortunately not). Accordingly, the observer notes that the experience was a success. Conversely, if the observer will be in the universe, where the photon does not fly (that is, in fact, he will fly only in the universe where there is an observer), the observer notes that the experience was not a success.

According to critics, this hypothesis is considered the most science-fiction. However, many reputable scientists accept this hypothesis has a right to exist.

3. Existential Interpretation (EI), Wojciech Zurek formulated in 2001. Classical reality, according to this approach arises from the presence of quantum interactions between objects. For the "creation" of the classical reality of information transferred in the interaction of all possible observers should be sufficient to distinguish the components of the wave-superposition between them.
Recall the double-slit experiment as soon as we receive information in any manner, through which one has passed the slits particle quantum effects disappeared, turned into a wave of particles. In the existential interpretation of the role of receiving this information observers can play any kind of object environment. That exchange is considered as the cause of the existential interpretation of changes in all states.

4. Transactional interpretation of quantum states that a particle sends a request to the Future (wave sentence) and receives a response from the future (the wave confirmation).

Five. Solipsism only acknowledges his own individual consciousness as the only indisputable reality, and as such denies the objective reality of the world. Solipsism because of the structure approved in principle can be neither confirmed nor refuted. Solipsism, strictly speaking, because of the fundamental unprovability physicists in general, is not considered. Almost 100% of practicing lucid dreaming (OS) are overt or covert solipsist.

More information about the modern quantum physics - the book of Michael Zarechny "Quantum-mystical view of the world. Structure of reality and man's way"

The most logical and consistent of all - after all, an existential interpretation.

The fact that so many interpretations and the fact that I still see more and more, says that one hundred or one can not fully explain the observed by us in the quantum world. And why, after all, there is a separation of classical and quantum worlds, each with such different laws? And where is the observer?


In addition to the above there is another interpretation of reality, which looks even more fantastic than the many-worlds, while engaged in the development of which only philosophers, physicists, and which avoids, like the devil fears holy water. This - the hypothesis that both people and the world around him are the product of a working program of the Ecumenical Supercomputer (VSC) - Computer God. We will not taper until the one who wrote the program for the computer in which it is measured and how to run. Let's talk about how certain features of the device and the operation of the VSC are reflection of our reality and, in particular, in the quantum world. The assumption of the existence of such a VSC can not only explain the quantum effects themselves, but also the cause of their occurrence, ie answer the question: why it happens that way and not another?
How does the computer generates quantum effects. And why do they occur?

The fact that the observer in the quantum world is key evidence that the program is simulating our world works and it is UNDER the observer to the observer. And the quantum effects, which are interpreted as an act of creation by an observer of what he observes (physicists say "Observation is the process of creation of the observed"), in fact, is a manifestation of the principle of economy computing resources (PEVR) FAC.
This principle can be summarized as follows: Planar Computer calculates and draws in our reality, only what is in the field of view of an observer.
Therefore, in our reality is manifested only what someone is observable.

To make it clearer what kind of saving of computation resources in question, let's see how the computer simulation of some processes we have in our reality, our earthly computers. Suppose in front of our most common customer earthly programmer sets the task: to create as close to reality computer model, well, for example, the movement of sea waves to within the individual molecules. To do this, the programmer must write a program that would not only describe the behavior of the wave as a whole (amplitude, frequency, and interaction with other waves), but all the water molecules that make up this wave.

As he indicated the level of detail "to molecules," he at once began to program the behavior of these molecules: the first movement sets the rules for one-bead molecule in all planes, then - the second molecule and their interactions with each other, then - the third, etc. . work is very laborious, because these molecules balls - hundreds and hundreds of thousands. Year of hard work - and finally the program is ready. You can take the finished product to the customer. And here is the program on the computer the customer is not working .. Calculation of the motion of balls million molecules takes so much time and CPU resource that outdated "hardware" of the customer simply "does not pull." With the struggle to persuade the customer to buy the most modern, most powerful computer and take your work.
But once the customer says:
- You did a great job. But a year has passed, and now I need a model has not one but three waves. Do? Good pay ....
The programmer thinks:
- I put the motion of a mln.molekul. Where - the one out there - and three. Manage.

And taken as a programming ... But almost immediately it becomes clear that the movement is not only rendering 3 million, but even the ultra-modern 1.5 mln.molekul his computer is not pulling, the wave is drawn on the screen for so long that lack any patience. What's really nothing to talk about the graphical representation of three-wave oscillations in real time!

What should I do? The computer had the most modern, powerful already, just, no ... It remains only to give up this very lucrative order. And how refuse, advance-it is already spent?
We must find some other way:
- Advise me do with more experienced colleagues.

He was lucky: an experienced programmer colleague has already faced such problems and has a ready answer:
- Your program - neoptimizirovanna. It is made ​​bluntly in his forehead. But it was necessary to introduce a separate subroutine. describes only the external behavior of the wave, as it were, side view. Repeated calls to this routine with a phase shift will give you a second wave, and the third ... If you do, you will not have to calculate the movement of millions of molecules, will only need to calculate the value of a simple wave function. The computer will calculate the time of their Thins and your waves ... And even if the customer wants and then to simulate more waves ... a million ... your computer will still pull this calculation. The waves will splash on your monitor as on the seafront of Yalta.
- But wait a minute ... The customer also set a condition so that it can not only enjoy the waves, but also to observe the movement of any molecule at any wave?
- Then we have to cheat ... As the program you realize this observation?
- Well, here klatsat customer at a special button that he seems to be slowly zooms in, and become visible when the individual molecules - leads to the desired molecule is the mouse cursor ... then appear in a popup window parameters of motion of the molecule: Well, there ... position, weight, Speed ​​..
- I see. Now you see ... it is always in the program know when and what the customer is watching. When he sees the waves - he does not see a particle, when he observes a particle - he does not see the waves. In the first case, he sees the whole picture, but his eyes - the surface. In the second case, he looks deep, but does not see the surface. He had never seen all at once.
So much for the solution: when the customer zooms to the extent that the molecules become visible - but here's your program and start rendering the movement of your ball-molecules. And it is not all and only those who are in the field of view of the customer ... Well, even those that may affect those that are in the field of view. And until the program calculates only the total wave function. You never have time to count your millions of molecules. They will always be much smaller.
This approach saves a life of your computer, and if you want you can even simulate all of the Black Sea. Well, to release more powerful components, then - and the ocean ...
- Class ... Thank you for the tip!
- "Thank you" is not bubbling!
- Well, for me, will not rust ...

I have described is typical for any modeling problem saving computational resources and the consequent optimization of the generated model. No matter how powerful by our standards was not ecumenical supercomputer, which is modeled after our world, for it (given the complexity of the programs running on it) the problem of resource saving and optimization of programs is no less urgent.

That is the principle of economy of computational resources generates wave-particle duality, uniquely prominent role of the observer, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and other quantum effects.

In order not to produce a constant calculation of parameters of all the world, VSC calculates and visualizes only the portion of reality that comes into the view of the observer.

If it is - an ordinary observer (observer-man in the street, watching only the external side of reality), the program does not make sense for his visual field to calculate trajectories of an infinite number of elementary particles that make up our world, so the program presents them in a simplified form, in the form of the wave function in which the particles are present, as it were in a hidden, potential form.
To an observer the physicist observing a microcosm in a specific area, the program has details view of the world to the level of elementary particles - is the reduction of the wave function. These researchers - not so much. In addition, the number of individuals involved in the experiments of elementary particles - is limited. Therefore, the computational resource and cost overruns are not so significant.

Program has always known when a subject becomes an observer program, and if the observer is "clicked zoom" to the level of the microcosm, it was then and there is a reduction of the wave function only if the VC begins to calculate a new quantum field of view, and then the observer sees a particle rather than wave. Buttons perform the role of scaling instruments designed to monitor the levels of the microcosm.
In the normal course of follow-up (without a scale), the observer sees the wave world. And here also the principle of economy of computational resources of the Ecumenical supercomputer that what is outside the field of view of the observer computer calculates and draws.

It is about the same as in the modern computer 3D-shooter first-person: the program calculates only visible on the monitor of the computer world, the rest of the world in the game is not visible, but it exists potentially, as part of the program code. And you can even talk about the probability of its manifestation.
The protagonist of the game is an observer of the world, and that his observation shows from time to time, the invisible world of software: only when he turns to look, the computer begins to hastily draw the part of the world, which appears in his new field of view. If your computer is weak, you can see firsthand how slowly appears on screen image ...

As far as we are considering models VSC is compatible with the major interpretations of quantum?
1.Chem complicated program, the more every moment of opportunity for further developments. The most complete and comprehensive is a program containing an infinite number of overlapping features. The observer, showing one of these options creates a current reality. And so, it turns out that the model of VSC literally duplicates the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum world.

2.Mnogomirovaya interpretation assumes that at any time at the same time not only exists, but also realized an infinite number of possibilities (universes). But because their existence requires a lot of energy, then this set of "survival" is the probability that the lowest energy. She takes the form of visible reality.
Minimization of energy manifested reality fully complies with the principle of economy of computational resource model VSC.

3 To the extent any computer model, basically, is an information, the model of the VSC is also compatible with the original existential interpretation: it is the exchange of information "inside" the SCS leads to a change in conditions and fixing a concrete reality.

4.Uchityvaya that VSC exists in the mind, simulates the cognitive and creative mind, and nothing but the internal observer of this consciousness does not exist, then the model also contains the idea of VSC solipsism.

Based on the principle of economy of computational resources becomes clear answer to the question that Albert Einstein was once asked Niels Bohr.: - Do you really think that the moon did not exist when you do not look at it?
To the sarcasm of Einstein, Bohr said:
- And who can say otherwise?
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